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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to read your work. Where should I start?

A: Great question, it depends. If you prefer immersive epic-scale fantasy reads with intricate worldbuilding and intense and sensual love stories, try Lords of Rainbow . If you want belly-laugh humor, satire, sharp wit, and sweet romance in a historical context, try any of the novels in the Supernatural Jane Austen Series . If you like high-octane dystopian teen / YA apocalyptic adventure science fiction in the vein of Divergent or The Hunger Games , try The Atlantis Grail Series . If you enjoy more traditional science fiction, try After the Sundial . If you like fantasy, myth, legend, and fairy tales, try Dreams of the Compass Rose or Salt of the Air , or for a historical myth variation, try Cobweb Bride . For an inspirational exercise in philosophy, thought, and creativity, try The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration . For contemporary snark and humor, try Vampires are from Venus, Werewolves are from Mars .

Q: I can't wait for the sequel! How do I find out when your next book in my favorite series is available?

A: Easy answer -- subscribe to the Mailing List to get advance notifications of all my upcoming book releases, and other important insider-only information. And for news of Cobweb Bride releases, there's a special dedicated Cobweb Bride Mailing List. As soon as the books are released, you will be the first to know!

Q: What is your official policy on Fan Fiction (Fanfic)?

A: I am absolutely honored and pleased that you are enjoying my characters, stories, and books so much that you are inspired by them to want to write a fanfic. It really is a genuine joy and compliment for an author to find out their work touched the readers so much that they want to actively participate in it and explore it further!

Officially, for creative and legal reasons, I may not read it, or see it, or even comment on it, especially while I am still working on that particular series and it is still incomplete. But I totally appreciate your effort -- as long as you follow these simple rules:

After that, go for it! And thanks so much for being honorable and classy enough to care to ask!

Q: I love your work, and want to spread the word about it! How do I join your Street Team?

A: Stay tuned! I will have a web page set up with more information on the Street Team, coming soon!  Please check this space later! Meanwhile, come on down to The Atlantis Grail Fan Forum, for exciting discussions of this series with other fans!

Q: May I send you my book, story, or other work-in-progress to read, review, or critique?

A: I am sorry, no. I am overworked, and my policy is not to critique the work of people I don't know. As a general rule I also do not review the works of other authors in similar genres, due to a possible conflict of interest.

Q: Would you publish my book though Norilana Books? Can I send it to you for consideration?

A: Sorry, no. Norilana Books is permanently closed to submissions. Anything you send will be ignored, returned unopened, or discarded. To reiterate, this is a firm "no." Feel free to check the publisher website for status updates, but this is not going to change.

Q: Would you please provide an author quote or blurb endorsement for the cover jacket of my upcoming book?

A: I don't know if I can. It depends on my time availability, and whether or not I honestly like your work. However, feel free to ask me, and I will give you a specific answer, on a case by case basis.

Q: I love your book cover designs! I want to hire you to design my next ebook cover or paper print cover. How much do you charge?

A: Sure, just ask me, on a case by case basis. I am always open to book cover design work inquiries, but if I am overbooked or otherwise unable to do a cover on your schedule, I will let you know. I normally charge a flat fee of $100 for an ebook cover, and $200 for a full wraparound jacket or full cover flat for paper print books from an InDesign template. Let's talk. (Note -- due to health issues I am no longer able to do book covers, so please don't ask.)

Q: I would like to get an autographed copy of one of your books. How do I do that?

A: The best way to do it is send me the book(s) you want autographed (with return postage included — in other words, a pre-paid return label) to:

Vera Nazarian
Norilana Books
P. O. Box 209
Highgate Center, VT 05459-0209

If you want it to be personalized, be sure to let me know the exact name to whom I should make the personal note.