You serve with all your joy of being...


She is the Tilirreh of Orange.

Melixevven symbolizes Laughter and Exuberance, and is the Lady of Joy.

Orange light causes the giggles and ravenous pangs of hunger — yes, don't laugh now. But then, you would laugh, woudn't you?


(No, I didn't say "snack," you are just getting hungry! Criminy.)

If you have a Melixevven-guided personality then you can be a very silly person. That is, silly on the surface. What others see in you is merely the lighthearted facade of a deep bountiful spring of energy and optimism that — just like fizzing champagne bubbles rising to the surface of a smooth golden drink — is merely the overflow of warm powerfully flowing under-currents.

You are full of cheer and contagious excitement, and you can bring out the carefree child in others. You are a magical pixie and a wondrous trickster, light of heart as an elven creature of the air, yet warm as a hot spring of water, bouncy as a soft ball of earth, and sizzling with mischief as a flame.

Be careful however — not everyone can always understand your eternal happy mood, not all of us can handle jokes and pranks, nor are we as readily capable of laughing at ourselves. Some sad, less fortunate people can be rather irritated and put off by your mood and by you. But don't take it personally and don't let it spoil your own exuberance.

Instead, always try to light your fires slowly and to test the emotional and psychological temperature of every room that you enter before setting off your fireworks of joy. In fact, it may be best to start off with a softly warming ember and build it up, until the room fills gradually and gently with your light. This is a very difficult thing for an impulsive sprite like you, but think of it as a challenge!

Also, remember that all joy has a solid reason behind it. You sense it instinctually but not everyone is as lucky or as perceptive as you. So see if you can find joy's source and then show it to others as an undeniable thing, solid and real. This is the ultimate way to be taken seriously.

Clowns and comedians, storytellers, florists, matchmakers, lovers of fast movement, tourists and foreign travelers, musicians and minstrels and troubadours, dancers and performing artists, cooks, designers and decorators, and young people of all ages who take joy in ordinary things are often guided by the sparkling light of Melixevven.

More so than all the other Tilirr Personalities you understand the pleasure inherent in the simple act of living. You understand the myriad connections between yourself and others and for that reason find it easy to laugh at it all, and at yourself more than anything.

Without you the world would be a very sad place indeed, so remember that you are intensely needed by all of us, even when we pretend otherwise. You remind us of what is so easy to lose track of — of our own youth and of the natural wonders all around us. You teach us to dance and laugh, to notice dust motes in the sun and the color of the wind and the language of the rain, and to be grateful and to give thanks and praise to the wonders of the universe.

You teach us how to entertain ourselves.

For you have fathomed the Orange Mystery of Melixevven that nothing in the world should ever be taken for granted, that it's the little things that make up the greater whole, and that when all is said and done, happiness is our reason for being.

As well you should, for you are the salt of the earth and the spice of our life.

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Lords of Rainbow, or Tilirr, are original characters from the epic fantasy novel LORDS OF RAINBOW (Betancourt & Company, March 2003) by Vera Nazarian.

To learn more about the philosophy of Rainbow, the mysterious world without color, and the book, click here.