You serve with all your innocent creativity...


She is the Tilirreh of Green.

Fiadolmle symbolizes Growth and Freedom and is the Lady of New Beginnings.

Green light is the force of creativity and change. It is the essence of the world in its youth and it is the secret hint of the world's old age.

If you have a Fiadolmle-guided personality then you are bursting with creative force, energetic, able to transform the world around you into myriad new shapes and forms. You mold the fabric of matter to form a new reality or resurrect the old into its younger shape. You are steadfast, patient, engrossed in the creative process till you yourself dissolve into the earth and take roots as a great tree. Your ability to focus and concentrate is unparalleled.

Innocent curiosity of a newborn combines with practiced experience of an ancient, for both reside within you. At times you are languid and filled with slow-brewing growth, while at other times you burst forth like a bubbling spring from the depths and spill your life force madly upon the firmament around you, enforcing elemental change.

You are a creator and a destroyer, and yet you have the greatest respect for life, for all that exists — maybe because you more than any other know how the process is actually enacted and what are life's building blocks.

At best, Fiadolmle bestows upon you elemental freedom, willingness to make an effort, and gifts you with genuine love of honest work. But taken to extremes your creative need can result in constant change and fickleness, an inability to be satisfied with what is already around you.

Always remember that at some point youth tapers off into maturity and it in turn softly merges into age. Neither you nor any other creator can stop the process, because you cannot prevent the inevitable. You more than anyone should know the force of patterns enacted and the irreversible nature of some stages of each and every chain of cause and effect. Eventually you have to learn to accept and love the pattern which is before you — simply let it play out.

Remember also that energy thrown into random patterns is wasteful, so plan your course of action wisely. Even when you experiment, do so for a reason.

Artists, artisans and craftsmen, engineers, gardeners and agriculturalists, software developers, musicians, writers, architects and builders, physical scientists and experimenters, geologists and physicists, parents, and any who work with their being and hands to create new things of beauty and usefulness are guided by the fertile light of Fiadolmle.

More so than all the other Tilirr Personalities you have the knowledge of the nature of time, the cyclicity of progress, the measure of physical patterns of the world, and the ability to put things together and take them apart.

For you have fathomed the Green Mystery of Fiadolmle that true freedom — as measured by change — is time, that all things define their own limits, and that in the beginning lies the nature of the end.

As well you should, you who shape our world, for only through your boundless effort will we someday comprehend the nature of immortality.

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Lords of Rainbow, or Tilirr, are original characters from the epic fantasy novel LORDS OF RAINBOW (Betancourt & Company, March 2003) by Vera Nazarian.

To learn more about the philosophy of Rainbow, the mysterious world without color, and the book, click here.