You serve with all your utterness of being...


He is the Tilirreh of White.

Andelas symbolizes Union and Completeness, and is the Lord of all other Tilirr who rule the Rainbow.

White light is the joining of all colors and the ultimate wonder, above and beyond the visible light spectrum.

If you have an Andelas-guided personality then you are very likely a strong leader, honorable, steady and reliable, and a natural protector of the weak, mediator between hostile parties and the bringer of communication and harmony between unlikely individuals. You have a gracious demeanor and you are full of natural poise. Your words are spoken with authority and yet are tactful. People tend to follow you gladly because they see in you a friend.

Diplomats, statesmen, people holding public office without ulterior motives, and those involved in social responsibility and causes for the betterment of humankind and all living beings are often guided by the generous benevolent light of Andelas.

Taken to the extreme you may find that in your effort to bring about unity you are spreading yourself too thin — remember that you are a part of the greater whole as much as anyone, so don't forget to fully participate in the sacred act of living.

Andelas-guided, you love with the warmth and intensity of the sun, and you bring spring to the winter-ridden land which soon basks in your warmth and radiance.

More so than all the other Tilirr Personalities, you take the ultimate responsibility, and you do it with pride and confidence. For you have fathomed the White Mystery of Andelas that strength lies in the joining and in the service of others.

As well you should, you who would be King or Queen, for through your noble service you rule us all.

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Lords of Rainbow, or Tilirr, are original characters from the epic fantasy novel LORDS OF RAINBOW (Betancourt & Company, March 2003) by Vera Nazarian.

To learn more about the philosophy of Rainbow, the mysterious world without color, and the book, click here.