You serve with all your spirit and wonder...


He is the Tilirreh of Yellow.

Dersenne is the Lord of Enlightment and the bringer of wonder, like a bird with wings unfurled that beckons you to cast yourself upon the wind and rise toward the sky.

Yellow light is the hope and inspiration of us all, the color of open possibilities and unexplored vistas.

If you have a Dersenne-guided personality then you are an inspired optimist, sometimes an idealist, at other times merely a realist who can see farther ahead than others around you. You are fiery when you speak of things you believe in, and you ignite others around you with the urge of the sublime. Yet it is when your voice grows softest that you utter the truest wonder and convey the greatest intensity. For it is through you that hope whispers.

You have an indomitable spirit and can sense what lies on the farthest horizon, just at the edges of sight, because you have the courage to attempt to look. When difficulties seem overwhelming and darkness closes in, you can be a shining beacon for others, and you can take them by the hand and lead them toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

Inventors, philosophers, writers and poets, musicians, salesmen, psychologists, communicators, religious leaders, comedians and actors, and those whose work ties together emotion and thought are often guided by the inspirational light of Dersenne.

Taken to an extreme your idealism can result in acts of exuberant folly and rash impulsiveness. Always remember that like the wind Dersenne guides you along a real path, not a false one — no matter how impossible it might seem — and that at the heart of your transcendent urge is a genuine truth calling you and all of us, not a will-o-wisp. So visualize your immediate foorsteps well before you begin the journey.

Remember also that not all can follow the clarion call, and not all will heed your offer of a helping hand and an ember to light the spirit. You are only human with an uncanny voice and vision, and as such you will not be able to inspire everyone. But fear not, for even if you ignite hope in only one living being then you have done well.

More so than all the other Tilirr Personalities, you offer hope and guidance and the path to enlightenment to those around you. For you have fathomed the Yellow Mystery of Dersenne that the deepest insatiable personal hunger in all of us can only be alleviated by giving in to inspiration.

As well you should, for you are the brightest and most enlightened of us all.

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Lords of Rainbow, or Tilirr, are original characters from the epic fantasy novel LORDS OF RAINBOW (Betancourt & Company, March 2003) by Vera Nazarian.

To learn more about the philosophy of Rainbow, the mysterious world without color, and the book, click here.