You serve with all your depth and darkness...


He is the Tilirreh of Black.

Feale, the Twilight One symbolizes the soothing darkness that stands to emphasize the light. His eternal immortal opposite is Andelas, the Tilirreh of White. Feale rules a monochrome world without color.

Black is not a color but the absence of light and is the great void of the unknown. As such, Feale is not the final choice and your true color is yet to be revealed in the fullness of time....

If you have a Feale-guided personality then you have known the deepest heaviest darkness of spirit, and an intensity of need beyond all, a hunger that like the void does not seem to have a means of being alleviated.

You are solitary, proud and lofty in your ebony tower that was once made of ivory. You seem to have found another path altogether which beckons others with its secret glamour. And yet inside you continue to burn without fulfillment, weighed down by the burden of need. You are a lord or lady of darkness, beautiful in your mystery, in your remoteness, and compelling to the rest of us as we observe your fierce strength and impossible self-reliance.

Secrets make up your existence. Often beyond your fortress of personal defenses lies overwhelming ice-cold loneliness and isolation, and powerful anger. And with no outlet, the anger torments you deeply in an endless cycle of pain. None but you and Feale ever know this, for he too knows your despair, and for that you trust him alone and none other.

Taken to the extreme, darkness can seem overwhelming. The void appears ever-gaping with nothing to fill it. But remember that in the fullness of time nothing breeds only more nothing and is only a voluntary pause, that anger is a symptom of misdirected light, and that despair is merely a temporary choice to stand alone. Remember also that you are not obligated to be ruled by despair.

Bankers and businessmen, statesmen and politicians, warlords and conquering invaders, merchants and traders, moneylenders, entrepreneurs, amassers of material wealth and intellectual property and the hearts of others, manipulators of authority, judges, lawyers and professional deceivers, practitioners of the dark occult arts, all those who seek to change the world to accommodate themselves, and all those who have not discovered the means to be fulfilled, are guided by the vacuum that is Feale.

More so than all the other Tilirr Personalities you feel pain and need, and carry the burden of suffering. For you have fathomed the Black Mystery of Feale that darkness is not evil but that which is incomplete and is yet to be filled — and thus for the moment you reside in its depths and embrace it as you continue to hunger for something still unknown to you.

You sorrow and wait for fulfillment.

As well you should, you who tread the most difficult of all paths of the soul, for we have all been you, and will be again, unto eternity, until we understand the final mystery of Rainbow.

You are not alone, friend.

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Lords of Rainbow, or Tilirr, are original characters from the epic fantasy novel LORDS OF RAINBOW (Betancourt & Company, March 2003) by Vera Nazarian.

To learn more about the philosophy of Rainbow, the mysterious world without color, and the book, click here.